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We retain our promise. Matter of fact, PlusPrinters can create eye-catching boxes in any size, shape, style, material, or layout to meet your brand's or company's needs. Any additional artwork, fonts, ink colours, or finishing touches should be printed. Send orders immediately, receive online proofs, and enjoy the quickest turnaround.

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Buy Custom Printed Boxes in Bulk & Excellent Custom Packaging Options By Material

Material play has a significant impact on the visual appeal, boom, and elegance of custom packaging. As a result, selecting the best material for your brand's packaging is critical. Packaging boxes can be printed on one or more corrugated layers, recyclable craft, and upscale rigid cardboard. A Difference Exists... Yet What?

Elegant Finish Corrugated Cardboard Protective Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is the best type of cardboard for shipping. It provides more protection than Kraft Paper when transporting delicate objects or items that require additional cushioning, such as electronics and mirrors.
Fantastic Full-Colour Print
Amazing Foil Block Printing
Excellent Pantone Colour Printing
Lovely Mate Lamination
Protective Flute Paper
Style Glossy Lamination

The cost of this packaging material is a disadvantage. Pricing may differ depending on how much you buy all at once. However, when compared to other packaging materials, its cost per square foot will be nearly double.

High-Content, Eye-Catching Kraft Boxes

Kraft cartons are currently very popular. They can help with brand development and have a variety of applications. Our premium kraft packaging boxes are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours. Our Kraft team will create it in any design you choose. It is simple to design your own kraft boxes, and you can select the production paper, coating, and other packaging-related services that we offer to our clients.
Excellent Digital Print
Outstanding UV Digital and Flexo Printing
high-Quality UV Digital and Flexo printing
Wonderful Colour Palette
Astonishing PMS Colour
Emboss Effects

If you need it, our kraft packaging team can provide you with FREE design advice. Save money by ordering your customised kraft boxes from PlusPrinters UK right away!

Paperboard- A Money-Saving Habit

Using our personalised paperboard boxes is the simplest and most cost-effective way to publicise your company in the packaging industry. The use of these customised paperboard boxes frequently ensures the safety of commodities during storage and transit.
Modish Aqueous Coating
Spot Gloss UV
Glossy Shiny Finishing
Soft Touch Coating
Digital Printing
UV Coating

Although paperboard can be used for a variety of purposes, it all depends on the thickness of the paper. Thinner boards are ideal for point-of-sale items such as boxes and trays, whereas thicker boards are ideal for heavier items that require additional padding due to their fragility

Outstanding Rigid Box Packaging Design

Rigid boxes are an excellent choice for packaging. Because of their adaptability, they are the most popular type of packaging at retail outlets and can store a variety of products such as clothes, books, or toys.
Stylize with Embossing &
Digital Printing
Gloss Lamination
Matte Lamination

The main disadvantage of these packs is that they are more expensive and take longer to make than other varieties, but you should consider this when weighing your options.

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