Top 9 Print Marketing Materials To Increase Sales

“From brochures to banners, marketing materials serve as powerful tools in promoting your business.”

When you have marketing materials that are engaging and efficient, promoting the goods and services offered by your company is simple and straightforward. Marketing materials are sent over a wide variety of digital and physical places, ranging from emails to Instagram stories.

This guide will offer you a clear picture of what kinds of marketing materials are available to you if you are still determining what kinds of marketing materials you require. Then, from the list of options, choose one to use as a starting point for your design.

Following Marketing Materials

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Promotional Merchandise

Promotional goods generate favorable discussion about your company and are one of the most visible forms of marketing material. Custom packaging and stickers are all effective freebies that will attract your ideal consumer.

Some companies even have the option of imprinting their logos on custom bags and t-shirts. To quickly interact with consumers, several brands will distribute them during expos. Promotional items are often seen with a company logo or name and a phone number print on them. They expand your sphere of influence and boost your revenue.

Business Cards

The use of business cards is another tried and true method of advertising. Subtle yet effective, an attention-grabbing card containing all the essential information is a call to action. Colors, typefaces, and layouts are consistent with the rest of the company’s advertising materials. Customers and clients will respect you more if you give them your business card.

The quality of your products will be reflected in the professionalism of the designs and printing. Moreover, the cards are often use in business gatherings and client sessions. Business card examples can be found by the hundreds online.

Presentation Folders

Your company and its customers will benefit from this one. Putting your promotional materials in a nice folder means you value your reputation. They can even use it to hold or transport personal belongings. It’s like a never-ending cycle of promotions.

Several companies put product photographs, features, and contact information in the folder to aid with client recall and reconnection. These folders serve as printed promotional materials and can produce on a variety of paper stocks with variable degrees of matte and gloss finishes. Custom designs are often use by brands to express their individuality better.


Invite your most loyal customers to a special event with a special message. A handcraft invitation is the best way to show someone you care. By sending them a printed invitation, you can indicate that you care about your customers and clients.

To make a small group of clients feel important, giving them printed invitation cards is common practice. As a result, sales tend to rise. Send them out before any upcoming events, speeches, or brand anniversaries.

Again, the aesthetic value of the invitation is crucial. There is no escaping the need for proper lettering, layout, and finishes.

Posters And Banners

Posters have an ever-lasting allure that makes it hard to turn away clients. They amplify what you’re selling by shouting your message in prominent places. Banners are great for getting the word out about upcoming events or new products.

They improve the look of a boring shop and drive in more customers. Typically, just a few lines of information are put on them so people can easily memorize and recall them. A phone number or promotional code is one example. Banners, which can be as subtle as you choose, are a certain way to capture the attention of your target audience.

Holiday Cards

Printed Christmas cards are a great way to get to know your audience better. Seasonal promotions and new product releases are a great way to attract customers throughout the holidays and festivals.

Customers will feel appreciated that you took the time to think about them and extend a hand of friendship. Print your Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year’s greeting cards in festive hues to strengthen your customer relationship. You can print as many as you need and send them to you in time.

Printed beneath their name, personalize greetings provide a special touch to holiday greetings. Let a heartfelt invitation do the advertising for you by playing with endless color, picture, text, backdrop, paper, and finish transformations.

Office Stationery Including Letterheads And Envelopes

Brand consistency is strengthen when you use letterhead. Printing your marketing message on letterhead is the pinnacle of professionalism, whether you’re reaching out to another company or consumers. Customers are more likely to buy from you because they have all the data they need at their fingertips: your contact information, store hours, and details on the product or service.

Similar to how branded stationery makes an impact, so do envelopes. Customers can utilize it over and over again with no loss of security for their important documents or cards. A professional printer can advise you on the best paper weight for long-lasting envelopes.


A catalog is another time-tested kind of advertising warranty. One effective kind of advertising is to publish an appealing catalog of all the goods and services you provide. The community of designers working with digital printing is large and becoming greater.

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You can go right when working with our expert team of printers. Whether you’re in the publishing industry or the bakery sector, a catalog can give customers a taste of what you have to offer.

Trade Shows Sign

Use trade show signage to advertise to a large crowd. Create unique signage to post next to your booth at trade shows.

By strategically positioning your signage in various areas, such as the entrance and the alleyways, you can create an interesting marketing labyrinth to lure in customers. If you know the appropriate designer, you can make a custom sign that shows you’re the only game in town.

Where To Get Them

Print marketing materials should ideally purchase from industry professionals with expertise in design and printing. Please contact PlusPrinters UK so we can assist you with your next print marketing project, whether it will be offset or digital.

How To Design Packaging For A New Product

You can construct a unique line of printed promotional material with the assistance of our design specialists, who will do it at reasonable costs and with a quality guarantee.

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