Why Coating is Important for Your Brand Custom Boxes

You usually are thinking about, to coat on boxes or not to coat, that is the question, which is somehow a tough question when you are not aware of the importance of coating on your custom packaging boxes.

Here we will give you the detail information about why coating is important and what it does to advertise your brand.

  • Here we will learn types of coating
  • Creative ways of using spot UV coating
  • When and when to use a coating
  • When not to use a coating
  • Hoe matt and gloss coating are different
  • Let designers tell you the best types of coating
  • Coating comes when your box is ready. Now it’s time to give it a final touch. Here we will inform you about the advantages of Finishing on custom shape boxes that make your boxes stand out in the market.

    It’s acknowledged everywhere that every business wants their brands to be prominent on the shelves. Here your brand boxes are the only thing that stands best for this purpose. Each product manufacturer is very conscious about the looks of the boxes that force customers or passersby to buy your products.

    Custom Packaging Is Something Else, But What Gives It A Charm Is Coating

    Therefore, it comes when you put on the finishing touches to your custom packaging boxes.

    Its result is a high gloss or matte type finish on the carton. The type of coating depends on what you choose for a finishing coat.

    One of the beautiful things about coating is its flexibility of how you can include it into your packaging design. While manufactured boxes are simple general Box, the coating can create unique effects on particular areas or design elements on the boxes. Have you ev0er thought about spot coating with the product title, company name, logo, or other custom images on the package to make your brand stand out?

    A Creative And Smart Way Of Using Coating

    Coating boxes creates the illusion of touch and feel. By adding coating, you add a new feel and texture breath to your box. Because spot coated places have a little raised surface. They depend on the type of coating, a different texture on the printed surface.

    Resultantly, it creates an image that you can feel as well as see. Let’s give you example. Have you imagined the rough feel of an orange peel or the stiffness of wet sand? The coating feels the same.

    Coating comes in a variety of textures.

    Types Of Coating:

    Here come some of the most popular finishes for printed box packaging:

    • Gloss coating

    The gloss coating is popular on most product packaging. The most noteworthy thing is that it’s bright, glossy, and smooth to the touch. Above all, gloss coating finish will give your product a high end, a luxurious look, and feel. Cosmetics product packaging can add shades or images such as sepia or rose, to generate a special effect.

    • High Gloss Coating:

    In contrast to simple gloss, high gloss coating gives a very glossy and shiny look. This costing makes the surface very smooth and reflects the light.

    • Matte coating:

    The matte coating is something natural-looking, flat finish with no gloss at all. Different techniques, companies give the box a solid feel that consumers are not aware of feeling. It feels pleasant to the touch with a shine-free smooth surface. The matte finish is very comfortable and gives a soft feel to boxes.

    There are three types of matte coating:

  • Post-Print Matte Finish
  • Scuff-Proof Matte
  • Soft-Touch Matte Finish
  • Companies use Spot UV coating when only a portion of the design needs a coating. This coating is usually are part of the custom design element. It gives the designs a very textured look. The preserved areas are shinny while the non-treated areas are the same.

    • Ultra Violet Spot:
    • Foil Stamping Coating:

    Foil stamping is the use of foil by pressure or heat. This method surfaces the foil to the packaging. Same as spot gloss coating. The packaging companies use this as a part of the design. Most of the time, the foil used is metallic. However, foil also comes in different colours and textures like coating.

    • Soft Touch coating:

    This coating is very much like matte style coating. Similarly, this is an excellent addition in coating. Above all, when you run your finger over the finish, the texture feels like matte coating well, very soft!

    • Emulsion Coating:

    Emulsion-coated significantly reduces the risk of scratching and abrasion. We suggest that all cardboard packaging should have an emulsion coating.

    Various types of emulsion coating:

  • Matte finish
  • Semi-matt finish
  • Brilliant finish
  • High-gloss finish
  • Difference Between Gloss and Matte Finishing

    Let me tell you that only a box with custom shape would not be able to lure or attract your customers.

    Customers like unique boxes that look idiosyncratic from others. So, make sure your box is appealing to customers and catch their attention.

    You can choose to add different finishing in gloss and matte that make your products different from rest.

    But you must be thinking that what is the difference of a gloss or matte finish.

    Gloss coating add shine to make your packaging unique. While on the other hand, the matte finish lets you get the dull look on your box. The boxes manufacture companies use cardboard and Kraft material that are often rough. That is the reason they try to add different finishing to them to give a smooth feeling in touch.

    When To Use A Coating?

    In most cases, coating will help protect and enhance the final printed products. They are a must for any piece of boxes for business or brand awareness purposes.

    They are also suitable for any product paper that will get touches, such as business cards, brochures, bookmarks, support cards, files, or presentation folders. Your designer will help you decide what type of coating is right for your product.

    When Not To Use The Coating On The Box?

    There comes a time when you do not want your paper to go bare because it may be difficult for you to write on coated paper, especially on a glossy coating.

    Hence, if you order greeting cards or note cards or sometimes intend to write captions on the inside, make sure to demand no coating on the inside of the card. The same thing is for the address side of cards because you cannot assure addresses on coated.

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