Value Engineered Packaging

Value-Engineered Packaging: Lowering Costs & Cultivating Performance

“Sometimes, you have to make losses to succeed.
Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

In the world of eCommerce, the packaging is a price that your business desires to wear.

That’s because it’s the role of your custom packaging to keep your product safe from when it’s manufactured to when it gets to your customer. But good packaging engineers also play the visual function of being the stage that grants your product to the world.

But many companies get sucked into the ‘sexiness’ of product growth, brand management, visual communication, or advertising.

Finding the perfect packaging solution gets left to the last minute, and the quickest, most straightforward, and most simple or easy solution is rushed in.

And that solution is typically a cardboard box.

While this is a modern solution, your eCommerce expenses can start to add up as your brand grows and scales. But yet again, the packaging is ignored as a place to keep the money.

The fact is that an over-engineered cardboard box sucks in more money than it should – not to remark the warehouse space it takes up!

But there is a top solution – and that solution is value-engineered packaging.

Suppose you want to lower your packaging costs, get more value for money out of your supply chain, and manage your warehouse more efficiently. In that case, value-engineered packaging may be exactly what you’re after.

What Is Value-Engineered Packaging?

Value-engineered packaging is top packaging craft from the ground up, specifically with your product(s) in mind. The final product is optimized for your product, uses as little material as possible but doesn’t sacrifice performance or security.

Your mindset is everything.

You’re right whether you think you can or can’t.

Industries can also use a single value-engineered packaging selection for multiple products. Your packaging engineer (more on them shortly) makes a prototype solution for numerous products. And then amalgamates them into one wholesale packaging solution.

This means that you have less packaging SKUs to manage and can leverage the economies of scale in your eCommerce business.

The result was an 11% cost decrease and a 21% saving in weight. Not to mention the unique branding you can see in the image above. Price, performance, safety, and assembly are considered when your packaging is being designed from the ground up.

The solution is tailored to your product, fulfilment process, and sustainability commitments. And, most importantly, budget.

Your Packaging Engineer

A custom packaging engineer is an individual that ‘does’ the design and prototyping of your customize packaging.

Perfect packaging engineers have a background in design and engineering. Contact PlusPrinters UK lead Packaging Engineer now and flourish.

Exceptional packaging engineers have experience with:

  • Physics
  • Graphic Design
  • Materials technology
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Logistics substructure
  • Business operations
  • Marketing
  • In other words, an extensive range of soft skills is something to look for when you work with a packaging engineer – not to mention years of experience in the role.

    A packaging engineer is an individual who designs your royal mail standards from the ground up. It’s their role to create the perfect packaging solution. And find facilities to manufacture it.

    They’ll then work with key investors to implement this new packaging into your stream chain and fulfilment process.

    7 Reasons Your Brand Needs Value-Engineered Packaging

    Value-engineered packaging has the lowest costs by assessing how your packaging solution performs several roles, such as security, branding, and space optimization.

    Here’s how custom packaging can benefit your business, save money, and perform better:

    Reason 1: It Lowers Your Unit Costs

    The sustainability and value-engineered packaging audit consider the current materials, logistics, and construction processes around your packaging.

    Cost savings are found by measuring the performance of your current packaging solution in these fields and then improving upon them.

    For example, your product may use both primary and secondary packaging when a more robust form of packaging. This more robust packaging material may fit more pieces onto a single pallet. Thus, trust costs down even more.

    As you can see from the two instances above, value engineering has direct and indirect cost savings for your corporate.

    Reason 2: It Textures Sustainability into Your DNA

    Your company may have sustainability and eco-friendliness at the core of what it does and therefore want to implement sustainable packaging.

    If you’re bringing even the most carbon-negative product in single-use plastic packaging, you’ll do nothing other than disappoint your end consumer. But using a packaging engineer, you can work cost-effectively. And eco-friendly materials into your packaging.

    Experience packaging advisors stay on top of modern materials technology and work with suppliers to implement the ideal sustainable packaging solution into your brand while balancing costs. Such a process results from off-the-shelf packaging that helps your brand stand out. And is wanted as complementary to your product and brand.

    Reason 3: It Improves Your Image

    The effect your packaging has on your purchaser is best understood when you think of your packaging as another marketing channel. When your buyer has your product in their hand, they want reassurance that they made the right choice. And your thank you card is the perfect place to remind your clients why they carry it from you.

    Take a brand that everybody is familiar with, Apple.

    The brand’s image is sleek, with modern sophistication emphasizing minimalism and cutting-edge design. And these sentiments are reflected in the packaging of all their products.

    iPhone packaging is understated, either black, white, or the same shade as the product. There are little to no gimmicks on the outside packaging. But instead, the modest design is left to do the talking.

    And this is the chance that tailor-made packaging can bring.

    If your brand is extravagant, loud, colourful, and ‘in your face, these branding approaches can be worked into your custom packaging design.

    Similarly, if your company uses an understated design like Apple, higher-quality packaging materials can invoke a sense of touch into the purchasing process.

    Reason 4: It Saves You in Custom Shipping & Logistics

    Shipping and logistics are two-time major expenditures for your brand.

    Firstly, from the producer to you, and secondly, from you to the end customer.

    Passing on delivery costs to your purchaser is quite common, but studies show that clients now expect free shipping. So, you’ll minimize these costs by engineering your packaging to be as light as possible. And using space as best possible.

    Custom-size packaging performs best when going to your warehouse and can influence your packaging design. That’s because it takes up as tiny space as possible, is as lightweight and safe as possible, and uses the smallest area and volume as necessary.

    Reason 5: It’s A Good Insurance Policy

    Keeping your products safe throughout the transportation is essential, as returns for damaged goods can be costly.

    Using various software, experience, and engineering principles, packaging engineers can analyze the existing structural weaknesses of your beauty of value-engineered packaging.

    From there, materials can add or swap, or internal structures can redesign.

    But if you’d wish to keep your existing packaging, a modern packaging engineer can also make that work for you.

    Void fillers, in the form of tissue paper or custom kraft paper, are a viable option, but they are an extra expense and create more work to implement.

    Consider using a custom insert to make the most of your current packaging solution.

    Custom inserts designed to hug your product and prevent movement effectively make your current packaging harmless.

    Reason 6: It Keeps Space In Your Warehouse

    Space comes at a premium if you use your warehouse or a 3rd party fulfilment centre. Packaging that doesn’t store well lessens your space for other merchandise, thus negatively affecting your fulfilment processes and cash flow.

    By value engineering your packaging, your storage limits influence the design of your packing.

    Saving space may be shortening one edge so that more pieces fit on one pallet or even going as far as replacing a corrugated cardboard box with a custom mailing bag.

    Reason 7: It Speeds Up Your Fulfillment Process

    Value-engineered packaging can have another optimistic effect on your warehouse processes. By working with your standing machinery or manual possibilities, your packaging engineers can build a competent assembly process into your wholesale packaging.

    As your packaging is being designed from the ground up, engineers can eliminate the need for glue or tape without sacrificing structure performance.

    Over To You

    Value-engineered packaging looks at your current and potential packaging solutions under a detailed microscope, finds the best possible solution and works it into your business operations. These tailored solutions also present well branding opportunities in the sense of a more memorable unboxing experience.

    The overall result is wholesale custom packaging that keeps your packaging expenses down without sacrificing performance.

    Are You Ready to Get the Value of Engineered Packaging?

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