The Evolution of Charlotte Tilbury

Who is Charlotte Tilbury?

Charlotte Tilbury is the epitome of success and beauty in the make-up industry., she has been the Diva of make-up for generations now. She was born on 10th February 1973 and is a British make-up artist, founder, chairman, president, and chief creative officer of her eponymous make-up and skin-care brand, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd. Moreover, she also is a British Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor and a Global Ambassador for Women International.

She was born in London and raised in Ibiza and was later sent to a boarding school where she started playing with make-up.

Soon she met a pro-Make-up artist Mary Greenwell, who convinced her to join the admired Glauca Rossi School of Makeup. Within days Tilbury was on top of every fashion photographer and designer ramp walk list.

She also managed to show her expertise in creating the make-up line of Tom Ford and Helena Rubenstein, just naming these two. However, she has done it for several cosmetic brands.

Later, she deiced to launch her own make-up line with products that were manufactured with her skillful eye.

What is the Psychology of Make-up?

In a recent interview with “Spotlyte”, Tilbury was asked to reveal some of her kickstart motivation tips for waking up every day and being the amazing Queen, she is and to tell the world how she inspires every girl in the United Kingdom. 

She replied: 

“My mantra is “Give a woman the right make-up, and she can conquer the world!” because I really believe make-up can change your life! It has this incredible power to transform and boost every woman and man’s confidence. I call it the psychology of make-up: if you look good, you feel good, you exude confidence, and the world reacts to you in a sturdy, more positive way.”

She agreed to the fact that this psychology is not only an assumption but can also be observed in the body language of women with and without make-up. It not only gives you confidence but also makes you feel like the Queen you are.

Why is Charlotte Tilbury a leading cosmetic brand?

After extensive hard work and passion, Tilbury managed to be one of the most renowned make-up artists in the world. 

Her make-up products claim to be 100% organic and are made for all types of skins. Either Asian, American or African, every shade is available. Therefore, people across the globe are content and glad to be able to have a brand that says no to discrimination.

As of today, Charlotte Tilbury‘s full range of beloved make-up and skin-care products are available at Sephora. After years of working with zeal and legitimacy exclusively with prestige retailers, Tilbury says she’s excited to bring her brand to the masses. 

Why are the consumers fond of uniqueness?

It is an ultimate moment of pride that Tilbury has always had a packaging that is so eye-pleasing and so enticing that you can not wait to pick it up from the shelf. The designers from various places in the world gather ideas and make it into the packaging you receive.

Often, the packaging of her products is in lighter shades. The vibrancy and glow are clearly visible in the sleek packaging done in shades of brown and pink. The entire collection of products has almost relatable packaging.

The coherence and consistency in the custom packaging are visible. You can realize it within no time that the artist has done his best in crafting minima details with concentration.

The Pillow Talk Look:

Tilbury launched the trendy Pillow Talk Look on 6th September 2018 as the highest seller in the market for the following year. 

It consisted of nude palettes for eyes, lips, and cheeks. the colors were all in pinks, and the shades were chosen in peaches and pinks to adore the girly factor. It kept the pillow time look in mind because it is an official no-make uptime.

This launch was adored by supermodels, fashion icons all over the world. The uniqueness in shades of pink and peach with a touch of velvet was all that was needed, and she did it.

The lightest tones grab the attention of every woman in the world because of the pinkish glow she receives. Surely it is their holy grails. 

Are you going to a party? Or a date night? Or just a meet up with friends? You can always use the cheek and lip tint for an immediate shine and glow on your entire face. 

Have you ever wondered if enthralling packaging is the key to her success?

There is no doubt in the fact that Tilbury has worked hard in the years to make her brand recognized. Because of the silky and silhouette packaging, the brand gains more recognition. Every customer loves to buy a product with a showy packaging. So, Charlotte Tilbury keeps this in mind.

You can clearly see that the brand is spread in the entire market giving her the highest revenue among other cosmetic brands which is a plus point for a businesswoman.

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