Pull off the Best Easter Egg Hunt with these Themes

Egg Hunt: Easter is a lot more than the basket of eggs, and it is high time we made it so. It is more about the spring season, the colorful eggs, the excuse to dress the kids in weird colors, the awkward pictures with the Easter bunny, and more than all of that; it is about the hunt.

I was tempted to write a blog post about the useful alternatives to Cadbury eggs and marshmallow goodies. Still, instead, I thought that the Easter egg hunt deserves a lot more attention than what it is given, and hence I decided to write on the egg hunt.

When we talk about the egg hunt, we are talking about the fun that comes with it. However, an egg hunt is no fun if all it takes is the little struggle and ability to spot the colored eggs. It is also no fun if we are required the detective skills, and if it wants us to become Sherlock Holmes.

The point here is to follow this rule: Not too hard, not too easy, just about right. So, what is just about right in the egg hunt? How does the magical sweet spot should be found? If there has to be one word, it is Themes.

This hunt should be able to stretch the ideas and imagination of your children. They should work to get the delicious rewards of sugary peeps and bunnies. Here is the list that you should try this year to make Easter a holiday that works out the body and mind, and of course, a holiday that satisfies the taste buds of your children.

Dusk Hunt:

We all know about the glow-in-dark egg hunts, but how about a dusk hunt? Dusk will offer light enough to keep track of your children, and dark enough to ensure that the exploring missions come with a detective vibe around the hunt.

You can make it further interesting by adding a few rules in it. For example, introduce a flashlight tag, where a child has to wait five seconds after he is tagged by an adult before he can restart the hunt again. Similarly, you can include mysterious ideas into the dusk hunt, for example:

Mermaid Egg Hunt

Once in a while, the Easter bunny takes a trip to the undersea kingdoms. One of those kingdoms is the kingdom of mermaids, and in honor of his visit to the mermaid kingdom, they present him with a purple-blue sparkling egg.

How that egg came to this world remains a secret, to both the mermaids and the bunny. Out of the love and respect for the mermaids and their amazing hospitality, the bunny dutifully hides the egg. Come Easter; the fortunate and intelligent children will discover these merm-eggs and the special rewards inside.

Mini-Game Challenge:

A mini-game challenge theme could be the trend of hunts this year. It is no secret, and it is quite frustrating that setting up the eggs hunt takes a lot more time than what it takes for kids to find the targeted eggs. Children are often done when you grab the camera to take the picture, and they are asking for more when you have just set the last line.

You can even the odds this year by designing a theme of mini-game challenges. For example, you can have each game coincide with a certain school subject, and then make it further specific to a certain age group.

Similarly, you can design games that require team-work. You can use team building activities and puzzles before the children can start the egg hunt. This, on the one hand, will make it more interesting, and on the other, will offer you enough time to set up the next egg hunt.

Crack the Codes:

Yes, we have previously discussed that the egg hunt should be a lot more than being a detective, but setting up the theme of cracking the codes should be interesting nevertheless. You can turn your little egg hunters into spies and detectives, and make them work their brains out.

You can use easy-to-crack codes, backward writing challenges, and magnifying glasses to create an aura of intrigue and interest in the children. Providing costumes and designing each kid a certain role could add more fun to it.

Everyday Life Theme:

There is no denying the fact that parents go through a lot throughout the year, and Easter is no exception. Their mornings start from hiding those eggs, and their day ends when they are down to dumps after the whole day routine. In between all that, they do not get much time to enjoy the Easter themselves.

This Easter, however, you can change the trend. You can involve more of your habits and routines in the Easter celebration. You can start it by including your personal usage things in the Easter hunt and design strategy games with them. If you are a mother, you can use your makeup box to hide eggs and make your children find them. Similarly, if you are a father and into vapes, you can make bunny traps with your vape cartridge boxes and feel personally involved in the celebration.

Arts & Craft:

Last but not least, Easter is the time for kids not just to celebrate, but to be more innovative and creative. Arts & crafts theme is old school but yet very effective and interesting for the children as they relate with the creative work more than anything.

Encourage the kids to design and decorate the eggs themselves, and encourage slightly older kids to do the hiding thing to make it an all-children affair. It will also make them more involved in the day, and they can show off their creative side.

Other than these prescribed themes, it is always a healthy practice to involve the kids in designing different themes, since it is their occasion, and if they are the mastermind behind it, they are going to love it even more.

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