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Your packaging material lays the basis for your branding and product presentation. While materials may seem simple enough, selecting the right one for your project can be pretty daunting, primarily since your product success greatly depends on it. First and foremost, it’s essential to consider what industry you’ll be serving. Whether it’s the e-commerce industry or retail packaging suppliers the UK, your material will depend highly on your product needs.

Determining The Packaging Budget

Before thinking about printed rigid packaging box materials, take a moment to budget your costs and consider your product’s weight and size. This will support your understanding of the pure cost of just the materials and the shipping cost of the item itself.
Custom packaging is difficult to put a specific price tag on because the factors depend highly on your choices. If you’re not sure where to jerk, we have a guide to estimating packaging costs and how to reduce them for your business.
  While decisive your budget for your overall packaging project is the priority here, it’s worth looking into each component’s costs to establish a cost optimization strategy. In addition, it is a common misconception that choosing the highest quality and more luxurious materials will result in the best quality packaging. While it is true that customers are enthusiastic about paying a little more for premium packaging because of the added value of your materials, it’s not always worth the hassle. Premium packaging, like rigid paperboard, may need additional materials to protect your custom boxes during shipping. This certainly will drive up your costs, much higher than you might initially expect.

Distribution And Storage Considerations

Understanding your product specialist’s life cycle will support you in determining the optimal material for your project. Your product life cycle comprises factors such as:
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • Retail display necessities
  How your product will be kept, distributed, and shipped will be a prime consideration for your packaging materials. Ultimately, packaging protects and supports your product to ensure it is intact in your customer’s hands. So, it’s essential to consider how your packaging will perform in each of these conditions. This also heavily depends on your product; opting for strong, durable wholesale cardboard packaging boxes will be your priority if you have a particularly fragile or heavy product. For example, corrugated fibreboard is excellent for e-commerce businesses because it is a thick, durable texture that ensures optimal support and protection for any product. Choose The Right Packaging Materials The kind of transportation for your shipping also plays a vital role in your material considerations. This will give you a perfect idea of what conditions your value-engineered packaging will be exposed to, allowing you to modify your packaging to your budget and your custom packaging quality expectations. Ideally, you should pick a packaging material that will fit flawlessly into your product cycle and ensure it is compatible with all the machinery you may use to wrap your product. Ensuring your packaging can sustain all the processes and keep your products intact should be your top priority in custom product packaging. It is much more cost-effective in the long run to cover any costs that will certify your products’ safety and durability. This way, you evade complete product recalls, which could cost you much more than your initial custom packaging costs.

Comparing Material Characteristics

Here we will now discuss the most popular materials obtainable for your packaging considerations. Eventually, there are 3 primary box materials to consider:
  • Corrugated fibreboard
  • Folding boxes
  • Rigid paperboard
  These custom materials cover most of your choices. However, if you are employed with a solution provider, they will be capable of giving you advice on your material choices.

Let’s Dive Deeper Into Your Material Selections

Corrugated Fibreboard

Prepare from three layers of kraft paper; corrugated boxes are the ones you’re likely most aware of. This inclines to be one of the most standard packaging materials. Here’s why they continue to be widespread across e-commerce and other industries:
  1. Protective structure with some padding qualities
  2. Lightweight = lower shipping costs
  3. Easily customizable
  4. Recyclable
  Corrugated packaging offers excellent durability for e-commerce businesses that ship their products directly to customers. With this material’s vast printing and finishing capabilities, you can use this as part of your marketing strategy to ensure your clients remember your brand! Corrugated wholesale packaging lets for both exterior and interior painting. Using this to your benefit as an e-commerce business is vital. It lets you stand out in that crowded mail room or enhance the unboxing experience from the comfort of your customers’ homes. Learn more about corrugated packaging.

Folding Carton

A folding carton is one of the best packaging options for lightweight products. Various folding carton types make it a versatile material option that can work for many different types of products. Obtainable flat or pre-glued, there is a lot of elasticity when you design folding carton packaging. You can select to create a sustainable packaging framework with unique structural designs and high-quality prints, making it an attractive retail and consumer product option. Advantages of folding cartons include;
  • Versatile printing and finishing capabilities
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Retail friendly
  • Great for lightweight products
  If you want to buy custom packaging boxes made from these materials, contact us now at PlusPrinters UK and make your product the most demanding one in the market.

Rigid Paperboard

Rigid packaging is prepared from the highest quality thick paper grade. Rather than having a simple dieline that permits you to fold your box into shape, rigid packaging is a little more complex and requires much construction. Each side of the box is separately wrapped, printed, and carefully assembled to produce your box. The construction and creation of this type of packaging make it so costly! Although rigid packaging is expensive, businesses opt for it to communicate a high-end luxury feel and enhance their customers’ unboxing experience.
Furthermore, rigid packaging provides endless printing, finishing, and design capabilities that elevate your brand narrative and boost your sales!
  According to PlusPrinters UK, 61% of consumers say they are much more likely to repeat the purchase of a luxury product if it comes in the most acceptable packaging. Customized Right Packaging Materials Rigid packaging influences the environment more than corrugated or folding cartons since more components and processes are needed to create this kind of packaging. However, because rigid packaging is known as ‘premium packaging’ or ‘luxury packaging,’ customers are more likely to reuse and keep these die-cut cardboard boxes with free shipping for other purposes in their homes! Rigid packaging is a good option for:
  1. Luxury products
  2. Stability
  3. Promoting reusable narratives

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Evaluating Branding Opportunities

Keeping your target market at the front of your packaging design is also essential in choosing your ideal material. At the end of the day, your client satisfaction and retention matter to ensure your product’s success. Make sure to establish your brand narrative; this will help you choose materials that can effectively accommodate your artwork and structural design needs.
“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.”
The material you select will ultimately reflect your brand, so ensure you meet consumer demands regarding your branding opportunities and materials.
  Any disconnect between your packaging materials and design will damage your brand reputation and remove your brand authority in the marketplace. The market study is a great way to learn more about your niche, clients, and competitors. Make sure you consider your competitor’s designs when choosing your materials and designs for customized product packaging boxes. The goal is to do it well then; your contestants already have!

Considering The Unboxing Experience

Whatever your product is, customers’ first interaction with your brand is your packaging. Packaging drives anticipation for your products and enhances the overall experience. Unboxing videos have experienced a revival in today’s day and age. There has been a massive increase of unboxing content on every social platform, YouTube, that can’t be overlooked for your packaging considerations. When choosing your material and structure, keep the unboxing experience in mind. The unboxing experience plays into the shareability of the product and your brand. Creating appealing printed rigid packaging boxes will encourage your customers to share their experiences online, gaining your brand more exposure and authority in the market.

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