7 Futuristic Fonts To Give Your Packaging A Innovative Feel

The goal is to keep things as simple as you can while maintaining the design’s unique look. If there is something that completely satisfies these requirements, it would have to be futuristic fonts. When designing a product, it is crucial to pay close attention to every little detail since taken as a whole, they will determine if your package is successful or unsuccessful. Finding the ideal font is just as important for packaging design. In order to achieve your business objectives, you must also integrate consumer needs with aesthetically pleasing packaging designs. To produce a product that will perform admirably on the market, usability, user interface design, and user experience design must be fine-tuned. There are many aspects you have to pay attention to, and one of the crucial facts that can decide the fate of your product development is font. This can be tough and detailed labor. Understanding that fonts have unique personalities will help you communicate a brand’s message in the manner that it is intended to be understood.

The Top 7 Futuristic Fonts For Your Packaging Design

The appropriate font should be chosen just as the appropriate clothing. While certain fonts are robust, elegant, guarded, and buttoned up, others are more lighthearted, relaxed, and whimsical. Font conveys the character of your brand and enhances the overall aesthetic of your goods. However, you must comprehend the distinctions between the many font groups in order to select the most attractive font for your goods. Mentioned below are some futuristic font styles and digital printing services offered by Plus Printers. Unless otherwise noted, the majority of these typefaces are available for both personal and business use. However, for others, commercial usage rights must be obtained by getting in touch with the creator.
  • Blanka
  • Ailerons
  • Elianto
  • Exan-3
  • Stellar
  • DUAL
  • Riviera

1-  Blanka

The first minimalist and futuristic font  produced as a freelance graphic designer is called Blanka. Its letterforms are incomplete, which gives it a simple and unorthodox appearance. With over 5000 downloads, Blanka is warmly welcomed, especially in South America, The font was created as a free download and may be used for both private and business applications. Blanka

2-  Ailerons

Ailerons Font Family is a fantastic font family that we are introducing to you right now. Adilson Gonzales, a Brazilian designer, was in charge of creating it for the first time. Ailerons typeface is ideal if you’re looking for a font that you can use practically anywhere. The airplane models of the 1940s serve as the inspiration for the Ailerons Font. This classy futuristic fonts family was initially created for Airplane’s sole experimental project. However, this is currently accessible for both personal and professional use. There is only one standard style of the distinctive font family. Ailerons

3-  Elianto

On August 1st, 2016, Emanuele Papale created it. Emanuele is an Amsterdam-based Dutch online and graphic designer. Along with creating a wonderful user experience, the designer developed the font in a modern manner with innovative geometrical lines. This free font family’s distinguishing trait is that it includes some letters with minimal spacing. And some alphabets were created with just a single dot in the middle. The most unexpected thing about this best font family is how quickly it became well-known. Elianto

4-  Exan-3

A simple, monospaced font called Exan 3 is used. It includes numbers, some of their variant letters, and uppercase letters.  Exan 3 typeface works well for headlines, posters, banners, and other creative designs that are related to technology, digital, and science fiction. Exan-3

5-  Stellar

Fantastic Font Family! It works well for creating unique stationary and templates. Stellar works best for contemporary, minimalistic designs, logos, headlines, banners, and other elements. Mathieu Desjardins created Stellar. Stellar is a sans serif typeface that has been somewhat condensed and given a taller x-height for improved legibility and individuality. It is available in four weights and was made to give your thoughts, no matter how cosmic or atomic, meaning. Stellar

6-  DUAL

DUAL is a sans-serif typeface with a full width and an experimental side. Without affecting its intelligibility, its straight lines and 90-degree corners give it a very geometrical sense.  Currently, three weights are available: 100, 300, and 600. Later this year, 3 additional weights will be available to finish the family (200, 400 and 500). Although there have been numerous “experimental” releases in the past, the concept behind DUAL has been simmering for a while and does have some distinctive elements. To begin with, the font is in its original form and is entirely functional and readable. DUAL

7-  Riviera

The Riviera sans-serif typeface was created by Quentin Schmerber and Ian Party. The Riviera Nights version, which was modified and expanded upon in 2019, was first released by Swiss Typefaces in 2016 under the name Riviera. The design incorporates vertically-sheared terminals and was influenced by English humanist sans-serifs like Gill Sans. The family comes in six weights with corresponding italics. Riviera


Hence, When creating custom product packaging boxes, you want to include all of your marketing and branding content on them, but you also want to make sure that it stands out to buyers and conveys the branding tone and message.  The last thing you want is for clients to completely disregard your product because of your bland and uninspiring custom shipping boxes. While every aspect of packaging design is crucial. Plus Printers UK provides you with these seven futuristic fonts that might help your packaging design have a futuristic appearance. These futuristic fonts offered by us  are ideal for achieving that goal for businesses who want packaging designs that have a futuristic feel.  Every font varies the edges and curves of the letters, giving the typeface a distinctive appearance.

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